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flower farm + studio
l o r e
noun; a body of traditions; passed from person to person; storytelling


Can you recall the feeling of absolute enthrallment, magic, and excitement when being told a new and entirely unique story? Something inside you begins to light up - a tuning fork rings. It is that feeling I recenter myself with while designing your wedding florals, that feeling I try to capture when putting our seedlings in the ground. It is the guiding force when preserving the flowers from your wedding day. The 'lore' of your life is precisely what makes your love story unique and what we seek to capture and retell through florals when working with you.

Lore Floral is a family owned and operated flower farm, event florist and art studio. We are storytellers, and dream weavers that reach for ancient and mythical means in order to make sense of and decorate this precious contemporary life..As Cincinnati locals that love our community we saw a void that we felt we could fill. Our homestead is nestled in the historic community of East Price Hill and we are members of the Enright Ridge Urban Eco-Village. We strive to provide our community with gorgeous, locally grown, blooms with sustainability and minimal impact at the forefront. We are farmers, ceramicists, fiber arts weavers and so much more. Please follow along with us on our social media pages, get in touch with us for your wedding or special event, and look for us at a local market- selling our flowers and art!

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