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floral preservation

your wedding flowers, untouched by time...

We love the fleeting nature of flowers, part of their charm is how ephemeral they are.. here and then gone.. BUT what if they could be around forever? 

 Book your bouquet preservation with us before your wedding date and we will send you careful instructions on how to keep your flowers fresh and ideal for pressing and preserving. Once you reach out we can decide if you would like your flowers pressed in a frame or dried forever in a piece of jewelry, ring holder, or a resin frame.. 


You don't have to be a wedding client of ours for us to preserve your bouquet! Fill out the form below and lets get the process started.. 

Because drying and curing take time we can only take a few preservation clients a month, so reserve your spot today!

Book your bouquet preservation today!

We'll be in touch soon!

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